Ingo maurer, LED-table, 2006








“Ingo Maurer’s LED Table was on display at the ICFF and at the Ingo Maurer opening party last night. I can’t stop staring at this table. I think its partly due to the “oooh sparkly” effect of a Xmas tree, and also because I can’t figure out where the LEDs are getting their electricity from. It’s quite a startling effect. Although they are wedged between two sheets of glass, the LEDs appear to be floating in thin air. Ingo Maurer’s website says: 278 white LEDs per table top, emitting light on both sides. 230/125 volts, 48 volts DC. INVISIBLE LIVE PARTS. There are tiny transparent wires embedded between the 2 sheets of glass, connecting the LEDs. The lights can be dimmed and even turned off if you suddenly want your LED table to look like a regular glass table again.”












Ingo maurer, LED-table, 2006


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