traxon, mood light classic panel set, 2002











TRAXON – Panels


Traxon’s RGB Panels product range has won a series of international

product and design awards from all over the world. With their distinctive

modular dimensions of 50cm by 50cm, the Panels can be installed and

interconnected in any combination or alignment, create seamless surfaces

of shimmering and pulsating light. With indoor and outdoor models, this

esteemed product range is highly attractive for large scale embellishments

of any surface.

The prominent series of this product line are the 64 pixel panels, with

individually controllable high performance LEDs that convince with a

sophisticated DMX control interface and on-board Smart Chip™. The Tile

XB and Mirror XB are designed for clear structures and are based on the

LED precursor, which has proven many a time its avant-garde approach to

LED lighting, Traxon’s MOOD LIGHT™ Classic.

Whereas the Tile and Classic panels use a frosted polycarbonate cover to

evenly diffuse the colorful light, the Mirror series features specially treated

reflective glass, for a mesmerizing affect when transforming from a

high-class black mirror into a surprising source of light.

The Tile 64PXL Wash and Mirror 64PXL Wash models are also part of

Traxon’s WHITE LINE.

For a complete overview of Traxon’s product portfolio, please consult the

pr oduct catal ogues on PANELS, LUMINAIRES, XB LUMINAIRES,

MODULES and special brochures on Traxon’s WHITE LINE, SIGNAGE


Traxon is a leading solutions provider in the LED based lighting industry

with major offices and certified integration specialists around the world.

Combining state-of-the-art technology with award winning design, Traxon

develops sophisticated and innovative lighting systems and solutions for a

demanding clientele.



Tr axon pr ovides a full tur nkey suite of DMX har dwar e and softwar e

solutions, programming and project management. From product design

and development through to worldwide integration and distribution, Traxon

offers comprehensive service, a competitive advantage and true product

innovation to its customers. Traxon’s organization has the expertise to

develop customized solution for any lighting scenario.





traxon, mood light classic panel set, 2002


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