Ada The Intelligent Room

Ada The Intelligent Room


Ada The Intelligent Room
created by Institute of Neuroinformatics
Ada is a novel artificial organism, a creature in the shape of a space that can perceive and react to its surroundings. At the same time, her form facilitates a novel interaction between humans and machine that goes beyond the possibilities offered by a conventional computer, such as keyboard, mouse or joystick. Ada has sensory organs. She can see, hear and sense touch and contact. While Ada cannot communicate with words, she expresses herself through sounds, light and projections. Ada likewise learns how to synchronise her various components, such as the floor plates, the movable eyes and the light fingers. Ada is able to remember the visitors with whom she has played and whose gestures, movements and sounds she has observed. Like humans, Ada learns from experience: she can store an incident and later build upon it. Ada can furthermore link various pieces of information and draw conclusions from this. Upon observing two individuals standing close together for a long period of time, she concludes that they are a pair.


08_c.jpg 10787878.jpg

Ada, created by a team led by Paul Verschure, was a direct result of the link between physical and psychological realms. The room tries to make contact with visitors andcommunicate through sound, lights and visuals.

The examples from the history of installation art and recent developments in architectural design show show that there is much to learn for game developers interested in presenting games “outside the box” in terms of interface design, audience participation and the use of spaces. This is not to suggest that there are no interesting games at the moment, but…

If the gaming industry doesn’t pick up from this, in the end it will be left behind by the new art of gaming born from installation art and architectural design.



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