BIX Media Facade

BIX Media Facade

The BIX Light and Media Façade on the Kunsthaus Graz has been designed by the Berlin artists and architects from realities:united and has been added to MoMA’s collection (Museum of Modern Art).

This concept idea of this new BIX is to program the façade like a computer monitor and to broadcast projections, animations, or messages into the urban space. The conceptual highlights are circular fluorescent lamps, arranged on a vast scale.



The Berlin designers realities:united have initiated and developed the concept BIX. They created a unique fusion between architecture and media technology with the light and media facade BIX designed for the Kunsthaus Graz.

<a title="Bix-Facade
Foto: Kunsthaus Graz/LMJ Graz/Nicolas Lackner” href=”; rel=”gallery”>Bix-Facade



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