Holo – Holographic Projection

Holo – Holographic Projection Film

The dnp Holo Screen is the ideal Point of Sale display: it displays sharp, crisp images in brightly-lit environments – and takes up a minimum of valuable retail space.

The transparent display allows viewers to look at – and see through – the screen. This is especially useful in shop environments as the screen becomes an integral part of the in-store layout.

Apparently suspended in mid-air, the transparent dnp Holo Screen gives an impression of almost-3D depth. The unique projection concept means that the dnp Holo Screen can be hung or mounted in the best locations, where most people will be exposed to the messages e.g. in shop windows, above counters, in-store hallways, escalators and in café environments.

The dnp Holo Screen is a hologram in the form of a thin film, laminated to a transparent acrylic plate. This hologram will only respond to light rear projected from 30-35 degrees. All other light – such as sunlight and other ambient light – is ignored.

The dnp Holo Screen has a gain of 3.2 at 30-35 degrees horizontal projection angle. The hologram is very selective about the direction from which it receives the light. This makes it suitable for use in the most extreme cases of ambient light, such as shop windows.

The holographic film is designed in such a way that the screen remains transparent where there is no projected image. This allows users to be creative in the content and images used on the screen. The holographic film consists of four holograms which are tiled together in the manufacturing process, so the film appears as one full hologram.





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