Multiverse: LED Art Exhibit

Leo Villareal


I saw this piece and it really blew me away. I felt slightly breathless at certain points of the video sequence. I think it’s incredible to watch once the lights start moving quite quickly. Im sure that lots of people would say that this isn’t the most relaxing thing in the world but I think that this is quite relaxing and calming. The corridor has 41 00 led’s lining it and runs of a random generator computer program. You move through the exhibition on a conveyor belt which I think is another really good idea, to drift through this virtual world of wonder. The lights and form patterns to feel like the going into hyper-space boost in star wars or can make you feel like time is slowing down or your moving backwards. I think that i could spend a long period of time in this corridor and feeling like I was going on a journey through space and time. They could also be interpreted as millions of little fireflies making beautiful patterns in the sky. I like the way the piece is very linear aswell, this helps the dynamic feeling of movement people have described. Something like this could be used in the hospital for pathfinding but also as a visual stimulus. I think it would really help take peoples minds off any stressful thoughts because they would be engauaging with the installation instead. I would like to experiment with these led’s and try to create rain patterns or skyscapes with shooting stars. I know I would rather feel like I was flying through space and time than watch day time t.v in a hospital waiting room, wouldn’t you? i am very impressed with this piece and it shows you the great things that can be achieved when you mix art and technology. I think however much more could have been achived with this piece if the led’s opperated in different coulour schemms too. You could really mimic nature and seasons with these lights and colour patterns.




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