Power Flower

Co-founded by Sigi Moeslinger and Masamichi Udagawa in 1997, Antenna Design combines technological complexity with a sense of humanity. The firm’s work often blurs the line between installation and product, incorporating new media and an interactive, thought-provoking aspect to engage the user. Antenna Design’s projects range from public to commercial, realized to exploratory, for an international clientele, including Bloomberg LP, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Fujitsu, and Microsoft. It designed three new fleets of subway cars and the MetroCard ticket vending machines for New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority; and the hardware and screen interface for JetBlue’s check-in kiosks nationally. Antenna Design has also created installations for Artists Space, Creative Time, Häagen-Dazs, and the Walker Art Center; and contributed Cherry Blossom, a site-specific, interactive installation, to Cooper-Hewitt’s 2003 National Design Triennial.

The interactive light and sound installation features a series of neon flowers that “bloom” when passerby trigger motion sensors that create an ongoing process of blossoming light sculptures and ambient sound events. As people continue to move part the store’s Lexington Avenue window, the first flowers trigger will quickly fade out while new ones brighten up, leaving a wave-like trail behind every passerby. As more people pass, the illuminated flowers create a brilliant display of light and sound.


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