Reactive Sparks


“Reactive Sparks” Turns Traffic Agony Into Pretty Art


From upper left to lower right:
Haubitz+Zoche (Munich): 2027
ART+COM (Berlin): Reactive Sparks
Diana Thater (Los Angeles): OFF WITH THEIR HEADS
Mader/Stublic/Wiermann (Berlin): reprojected
Copyright: OSRAM ART PROJECTS, photographers:
Haubitz+Zoche, Stephan Kausch, Mader/Stublic/Wiermann


This interactive art display takes data it collects on passing traffic and displays moving images which react to vehicles as they drive by.

OSRAM Reactive Spark Light Towers

Designed by artist Markus Lerner for lighting company OSRAM, the installation samples traffic patterns and maps them onto seven colorful light towers side of the road, each containing over 110,000 individual LEDs.

The waves at the bottom of each panel represent the amount of traffic that has recently passed, while a “spark” that flashes across each screen whenever a new car passes by. The more cars that pass the sensors, the bigger the waves, and the faster the motion.

OSRAM Reactive Spark Light Towers

The installation is currently on display alongside Munich, Germany’s highly-congested Mittlerer Ring, a thoroughfare that conveniently happens to be right in front of OSRAM’s headquarters.


A new art installation by Markus Lerner is turning the agony of sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic into something a bit more pleasing on the eyes. “Reactive Sparks” is an art installation commissioned by lighting company OSRAM. It watches traffic patterns and maps the patterns into seven light towers that sit alongside the road. Each tower contains 110,000 LED lights, likely provided by OSRAM.

The installation sits outside the OSRAM headquarter in Munich at the Mittlerer Ring, a busy roadway. When a car passes by the installation, a single line flashes across the top of the tower and is added to the light wave at the bottom. As more cars pass the bigger the wave will be.

While the lighting towers look nice from an artistic standpoint, they are just asking to be a victim of road rage.




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