Michael  Saup


R111 is an interactive networked environment. Based on the metaphor of energetic closed circuit kinetic energy and information flows become transformed, visualised and materialised.

Michael Saup + supreme particles/D
Prix Ars Electronica 2002, Honorary Mention Interactive Art
Energy potential from the Internet and from the on-site movements of visitors is tapped and then transformed into various states of matter “both physical and virtual “. New media current tendencies are virtualizing reality. R111 on the contrary materializes virtuality: Choreographing particles of matter as though they were pixels.

Source: Michael Saup

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R111 is an interactive installation divided over several rooms which forms a ‘navigable energy system’. Using different interfaces, visitors can manipulate the energy management of the entire system by moving round in the action space or by navigation on the Internet. Another ‘energy source’ is provided by a ‘knowbot’ which generates IP numbers and checks the content ? in the form of images, text, sounds and links ? of the web-sites they belong to.
All these activities are interpreted as energy potential which the entire system returns to the observation rooms in the form of acoustic and visual feedback. This feedback seeks to give different material form to the transformation processes between digital and real input and to the virtual states ? for example, when the vibrations of the bass tones in a neighbouring room where sub-woofers are playing cause the surface of a basin of water to vibrate, or ‘flowing trails’ on the floor projection document the movement of the users on a floor of sound. Here, a motion tracking camera determines the potential for movement. The ‘network activity’ of Internet users is displayed on the side projection areas.




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