TXTual Healing

TXTual Healing


This is where it all began. Looking at public space as a stage for creating spontaneous dialog. The bubbles are projected onto buildings next to windows, creating a stage for the public to text message in and create the conversation happening inside. Using mobile phones people in the street send an SMS to a provided phone number that automatically and unfiltered goes up in the bubble. The posting takes about 20 secs at most and the messages line up in a queue, like a juke box. So no messages are missed. Peruse the site to see all the results in performances from around the world.

Brooklyn speech bubble

Munich Speech Bubbles




TXTual Healing

TXTual Healing (image above and below) is a series of ongoing interactive site specific projection works which leverages mobile phone SMS (Short Message Service) to interact with public, physical space.

Using the speech bubble as a symbol for communication, participants send text messages to a provided phone number that automatically, anonymously, and in real time, displays these messages inside the bubbles projected onto the facade of a building. The result of projecting in shared public space give participants in the street a voice as loud as the corporate and government entities who financially predetermine the information in these spaces. TXTual Healing encourages the public sharing of thoughts, experiences and ideas using networked mobile devices that typically support more private communications. Positioning the projections next to windows, or integrating the SMS interactivity with religious, political and socially charged graphics, invites people to share their own uncensored views of the information around them in the form of interactive theater.

Below is a video explaining how the basic system works however have a look at the website which documents the various incarnations and adaptions of the system according to location, required mobility etc.


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