CONVERSATION TABLE by chris csikszentmihalyi


This project is reflection on a type of social dynamics that takes place at tables during conversations. Who dominates the conversation?

Two people, seated at each end of the table, converse. As they converse, light emitting diodes (LEDs), embedded along the center of the table, are activated by their pattern of conversation. Two microphones pick up the duration and the volume of the conversation at regular intervals, and trigger light animation from the end where one speaks toward the other. If both people speak simultaneously, the lights start animating from both ends.

The table doesn’t parse nor “understand” the nature of the discourse, rather it isolates and brings forward one specific component of interaction at tables.



The table is made of ½ inch honeycomb cardboard and is completely dry mount (no adhesive is used). All joints and connections are fastened with metal corner braces (purchased at Home Depot), washers and screws. The electronics consist of micro-controller, two microphones with amplifiers and bandpass filters, and 12 ultra-bright LEDs.


CONVERSATION TABLE by chris csikszentmihalyi”에 대한 1개의 응답

  1. Hi! This is Chris and I DID NOT make this table! The table was made by Lira Nikolovska, then earning her PhD at MIT, and a member of the Computing Culture Group which I directed. While members of the group helped her, and we were part of a vibrant creative culture, the work is ABSOLUTELY Lira’s. And it is genius.

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